Best Teespring Alternative

Sell with the true Teespring alternative with 50+ custom products and a free 100% customisation website. Design and sell merchandise, sell digital products, and much more with

How it works?

1. Create Wesbite

Add designs to 50+ products and make your store live. We’ve apparel, accessories, and home decor products.

2. Edit Products

Choose the products and set your own selling price. Choose competitive pricing as per your market.

3. Sell on Social

Promote on social media and share with friends. Earn profit on each product sold.

4. We do Operations

As and when a customer makes a purchase from your store. We will print it on demand and ship it to the customer.

Why is The Best
Teespring Alternative

50+ Products

Get a wide variety of products to choose from to customize your swag.

48 hour Dispatch

The order is printed and dispatched within 48 hours and delivered within 6-8 days across India.

Official Storefront

Save Rs. 5000 per month by using our inbuilt storefront (e-commerce store builder).

Mobile App

Blinkstore app is also available on PlayStore. Make your idea and products go live in seconds.

No Minimum Orders

There is no limit on the minimum number of orders. You can order one or 1000 products, we handle everything.

Branding & Packaging

Custom neck labels, branding, and packaging are available. Get custom swag bags, boxes, etc.

High Quality Printing

Pixel perfect printing with our high-quality printers and best print on demand products.

Store Analytics

Add Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to your store and track your visitors and Ad performance.

Start Selling With Best Teespring Alternative

We handle product, printing, payment, packaging, and shipping for you for FREE

Sell products that your fans and customers love

Leave rest to us

50+ Custom Products

Free Delivery

Picture quality printing

FAQ on Best Teespring Alternative India

  1. Is there any site like Teespring in India?

    The best Teespring alternative India are:
    – TeeShopper

  2. Does Teespring work in India?

    No, if you want to sell in Inda.

    Yes, if you want to sell internationally.

    If your customers are in India, Teespring’s pricing and shipping will be expensive. For example, a t-shirt will cost around Rs 2,000

    With Blinkstore you can sell t-shirts for as low as Rs 350.

  3. Can I sell on Teespring from India?

    Yes, you can sell on Teespring from India if your customers are international (i.e. in the USA, Europe, and Australia).

    If your customers are in India, Teespring’s pricing and shipping will be very expensive. For example, a t-shirt will cost around Rs 2,000.

    With Blinkstore, you can sell t-shirts for as low as Rs 350.

  4. Can I do print on demand from India?

    Yes, you can do print on demand in India. There are many companies providing print-on-demand services in India. Check out the Blinkstore.

  5. What is the best alternative to Teespring?

    Blinkstore is the best alternative for Teespring. especially when you are considering customizable and personalized products with a user-friendly interface. Both platforms offer print-on-demand services to users, who want to sell their customized products online without owning an inventory.

  6. How does print on demand work in India?

    Print on demand works in 4 steps:
    1. Put your design on products and make your store live.
    2. Promote store
    3. When a store makes sales, we print and ship products to the customer.
    4. You get your profit from the sale.

  7. Where do you deliver?

    We deliver to 29,000+ Pincode. We have Bluedart, Delhivery, Hhiprocket, Shadowfax as our delivery partners.

  8. How long does it take to deliver the product?

    It takes 24-48 hours for dispatch and 5-7 days to deliver the product.

  9. Do you provide custom branding?

    Yes, we provide custom neck labels,  hand tags, and packaging. But they are chargeable.

  10. Teespring india login?

    You can log in on Teespring India using your email, Youtube, Google, or Facebook account.

  11. Does teespring ship to India?

    Teespring shipping cost to India is very high. Teespring does ship to India but it costs ~Rs. 1,100 (approx. $14) for shipping. That is why Teespring India alternatives are better options in India.

  12. Which is the best print on demand in India?

    1. Blinkstore
    2. Printrove
    3. Qikink
    4. Vendorboat
    5. E-Print Care
    6. OwlPrints
    7. PrintShip
    8. TeeLabs
    9. Tshirt loot
    10. Printwear
    11. Doipe

    Check out the 25 best print-on-demand sites in India

  13. What are the benefits of Print on demand?

    The product is printed and shipped only when an order is placed. This doesn’t require you to own any inventory. This gives you the flexibility to test as many products and niches/brands without any investment. You focus on design and promotion, the platform handles the rest.

  14. How can I start my own brand?

    Go nowhere, Blinkstore has everything for you. Product, printing-on-demand, storefront, product photos, mockups, and more. We handle product, printing, and shipping to your customer. You can create an e-commerce store that can be customized and branded according to your needs. 

  15. What’s the pricing?

    We have a base price for every product that includes the product cost, printing, and shipping charges, with no hidden cost. You add your profit margin and set the selling price for every product, we don’t charge any commission or transactions. The store website, mockup generator, dashboard, and mobile app are FREE forever.

  16. Do I need to invest anything?

    No, you don’t need to pay anything. Blinkstore is free forever. And you earn a profit on each sale.

  17. How much can I earn?

    romote it.  Suppose you are selling a T-shirt for ₹599 you can earn a profit of up to ₹200. So if you are able to sell 100 T-shirts you can earn up to ₹20,000 in profit with ₹59,900 revenue.

    There are mainly 3 ways to promote:
    1. Share your store and products on your social media
    2. Share store and products with your friends and family
    3. Run paid ads on Facebook and Google

    You can find great resources on how to promote print-on-demand business in India on youtube and in blogs. 

  18. What is the downside of Teespring?

    The downside of Teespring are
    – Limited profit margin
    – Lack of customer service responsiveness
    – Huge competition
    – Quality control issues with products

  19. why is Teespring so expensive?

    Teespring is expensive as it offers print on demand and custom designed merchandise with profit margins, quality control and additional expenses like shipping costs.

  20. Do you provide designs?

    We have an in-house design team. If you are an influencer, brand, NGO, School, or College, reach out to us.

  21. Is Teespring good for India?

    Teespring is not a good option for the Indian market, because the pricing and shipping costs are too high compared to their alternatives in India such as Blinkstore

  22. Which is better Teespring or Blinkstore?

    Blinkstore is better than Teespring, Blinkstore offers a free plan and priorities ease of use, making it a cost-effective option for individuals and small companies looking to start their stores to sell custom designed products with limited technical expertise and limited budget.

  23. Does Teespring work in India?

    Teespring does work in India. Teespring is an international print on demand ecommerce platform that offers services to various countries including India.

  24. Is there a monthly fee for Teespring?

    There is no monthly fee for Teespring, Treespring is completely free and does not have any paid subscriptions. however, the final product price will include expenses like base cost and shipping cost.

  25. Is Teespring 100% free?

    Teespring is free to use. You can sign up, upload designs, and start selling without any financial risk. Teespring earns revenue by retaining a fixed portion, rather than a percentage, of the total sale price.

  26. Is Teespring available in India?

    Yes, Teespring is available in India.